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Check out our gallery and testimonials for Bissonnette Plumbing & Heating for Androscoggin County, ME and beyond. We offer experienced residential and commercial plumbing and heating services in Sabattus, ME, Durham, ME, and Minot, ME and beyond. Call Joey at (207) 754-8869 or Tilt (207) 504-2928 today to discuss your project.

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Testimonials of Bissonnette Plumbing & Heating in Minot and Durham

“We woke up this morning to my bedroom filling with the smell of something electrical burning. Thankfully we were able to find the source quickly. My hot water tank completely died and I was left trying to find someone on extremely short notice to help change out the tank. I was given Bissonnette’s Plumbing as a reference. They answered the phone the first time I called and by 3:30 this afternoon I had a brand new, safer hot water tank. Joey was extremely helpful & knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend these guys. Thank you again for bailing us out of a stressful situation.” -Alison D. via Google

“Vacationing in Florida when our neighbor calls and says water is flowing out from under our double wide home. Called Bissonnette’s and not only did they unthaw and fix broken pipes but upgraded our system so that we can rest assured the next time we are out of town. Not an easy job under there but they did it and did it right. We walked in the door when we got home and the water was working. These are the guys you want working on your home. Thank you Joey!” -Steve S. via Google

“I would reccomend this company. They worked with us and were professional. On my list to call again.”Laura C. via Google

Bissonnette Plumbing & Heating
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