Concrete Repair and Core Drilling
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Serving Cape Elizabeth, Freeport, and Harpswell, ME

Bissonnette Plumbing & Heating Has Experience in Cumberland County, ME

For concrete repair and core drilling services, Bissonnette Plumbing & Heating serves Cumberland County, ME and surrounding areas. Having a strong base for our homes and businesses is important for ensuring a safe atmosphere. Having concrete floors that are cracking, spalling or eroding creates both hazards and eye sores.

We offer trusted experience in Harpswell, ME, Cape Elizabeth, ME, Freeport, ME, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you keep your concrete floors looking their best. Call Joey at (207) 754-8869 or Tilt (207) 504-2928 today to discuss your project. Contact our office at (207) 754-1572 for an appointment and a free quote. If contracted, half of the payment is due up front with the other half due at completion.

Experienced Residential Concrete Repair in Harpswell, ME

Concrete surfaces can crack, become discolored, scale and buckle among other possible damages. Our dependable residential concrete repair experts have the skills for a variety of concrete repair needs in Harpswell, ME. Weathering, heavy loads, chemical exposure, and poor construction practices are of the possible causes. Cracks, spalling, and erosion are common signs of concrete damage.

If left unattended, cracked concrete can lead to more severe structural issues. We employ concrete repair techniques to address these problems and restore the strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of concrete structures.

Cape Elizabeth, ME Businesses Depend on Our Core Drilling Services

Every core drilling job needs great attention to detail for every step of the process in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Our reliable contractors use precision for every step of the process. No matter what kind of plumbing and heating pipes you need, count on us to keep your project moving. We use specialized equipment for completing the project. This ensures we get you the right space needed for everything in your residential and commercial plumbing system.

Safety is Paramount in and Around Freeport, ME

Safety is paramount in our operations in and around Freeport, ME. Our team follows strict safety protocols, using appropriate equipment and protective gear to ensure a secure work environment. Additionally, our technicians are experienced in assessing the structural integrity of the material being drilled to prevent any compromise to the overall stability of the structure.

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